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Y O U  &  M E:       I work exclusively with people who are committed to changes in their Life, Business, and Relationships towards a much better and more balanced and successful level. Achieving this next level of emotional, spiritual and practical life is a very                                         personal and rewarding journey. I work with my no-nonsense yet mindful approach. Therefore, I am not the right                                                                 Mentor/Coach for some people. I want to be in the corner with winners. Walking this path with many of clients in my four decades was and is a great experience and I enjoy it tremendously. I worked with people like CEO’s of Pharma and HiTech companies, Bank executives, entertainment professionals and people who decided to make the best of their life, to become a champion.  I am the first choice of those who believe in winning and creating a better life or business.  To assure high quality mentoring, I work only with a limited amount of clients.


One size doesn’t fit all! That’s why I create  a signature program which is customized and based on your personality, goals, capabilities and energies. Working for many years differently than others, has always been extremely rewarding for my clients. It is important that during our journey together that no gap appears, or an unanswered question is weighing you down, therefore there can be short communication in between our main sessions. We build your new, improved mindset together so you can build a better life, career and/or business. 


People who choose to work with a seasoned mentor/coach like me, will feel, after a short period, a dramatic change. As a mentor I aid my clients in improving their personality, personal billboard, communication, relationships, careers and day-to-day lives. I work transparent, very direct and simple, that’s why clients gave me the name: “the Simplimalist!”  Strictly forward no-nonsense mentoring. My directions  and guidance are clear and my approach straight forward and authentic. I listen to understand my clients and expect the same from them. Mediocre is not acceptable for me. 


“Working with Andre is like talking weekly to a best friend, knowing that he will work toward solutions!”


I understand that with these fast-paced and changing times, spirituality is an important tool for some as a balance from worries or even some traumatic experiences they haven’t fully recovered from. The understanding that we drift away from who we really are as life goes on, it is paramount to not only find or manifest our passion but also create the best version of ourselves. Our personal billboard plays a major role in it and how simple our life can become. Personal styling (or makeover) can become an important part of it as well, to emphasize every person’s uniqueness and individualism. I guide clients to reconnect with themselves and find the balance to achieve to become the best version of themselves. I work with smart people who have drive. Others might have fear of working with highly intelligent people, I’m never afraid!


It is OK if you don’t believe fully in yourself right now. I believe in you for both of us until you believe fully in yourself. Let’s build a flawless positive future. We make sure there are no hidden roadblocks blocking a great future lifestyle . . .  and the future starts now.


 “Andre, being mentored by you was a big eyeopener. I call you boldly a mastermind.” 

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