A couple of months ago, I reached out to Andre for Marriage counseling. When we met in person the very first time, I was amazed at how intuitive he was with human behaviors and how he could recognize much of my personality based upon my upbringing, education, and childhood background. He made me realize that there are many personal needs to fulfill and issues to resolve within myself in order to become a better, happier person - which I am learning from him is the first step towards repairing a marriage as well. Not only does Andre help guide couples to rebuild relationships, he provides each individual methods to maintain a healthier lifestyle, improved communications skills, ideal career path, and overall self-esteem in order to live an enriched life. Andre works from the heart but he does not sugar coat his mentoring; he is strict, but very caring and concerns to an open, honest, and comfortable line of communication doing sessions and in between sessions - he finds and embraces solutions for everything. Andre is a solution center and he does not believe in problems only in solutions. I feel blessed to have met Andre. I am on my way to a happier and balanced life. 

Larry Ho

I’ve known Andre for many years now. One thing I can say is he is accurate and if he sees or feels somethings not right he will bring it to your attention. In my opinion it doesn’t get better then that! Andre’s guidance has got me through many things from dating the wrong man too finding my love. And it doesn’t stop there he helped with career decision to helping me get on the right path. And has been giving me solid advice, when I’m unsure about things with my kids. He’s shared things that are yet to come and I can’t wait for the days of confirmation. Andre’s gift to share with me is truly a blessing. I would recommend him to anyone seeking guidance, he can help in all areas of life.. He is the real deal and he cares.
Highly Recommend Andre.


        Meeting Andre was a real pleasure. Wisdom, knowledge and bringing more light in the tunnel to my goals                     had a major impact on me and my mindset. He is the master of taking complications out of personal and                         business matters. Everything done at ease and in a greatly structured signature program was impressive. I am                   still amazed how simple some steps are when Andre explains them and builds awareness of our strength and                   talents. The made adjustments and different directions of my thinking and acting made a huge difference. I                       know without his view from the outside many things and issues would have taken much longer to get on the                     right track. I honestly can say Andre created some of the best moments in my personal life as well as in my                       business. I say boldly he is a mastermind, humble and laid back but extremely organized and effective. I feel                   honored that I met him. 


        I worked with Andre for about a year and 1/2 while I was living in Los Angeles (2010-2012). I had been laid off           from my Corporate job (after 25 years) and I was trying to find my way. It was a very challenging time for me. He           worked tirelessly with me, always helping me to see the value of what I could bring to the table, being very honest             with me and forcing me to be honest with myself at the same time. He gave so much of himself to me and to all of             his clients, always calling to see how things were going in between sessions, and always going above and beyond         what he was being paid for. He is someone who cares very much about the well being of his clients and it shows in         all that he does. I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about moving to the next level of their lives.  

        Victoria D.  

        Having met Andy in person and getting an insight of his work I would consider him a "FIXING GURU". Not only that         he gets a very fast grasp of what's going on in life and business he finds positive solutions and understands the                 pattern why and how things are. His years of experience make him a not only very educated but also a wise man             with an amazing view of life and an honest approach to solve issues. Andy is a very genuine person, authentic and           open minded. I can recommend Andy highly to everyone who would likes to get a neutral view of his life and                   business, seeking progress and improvement.

        Scott R.

       Andre Cohen was my mentor over the course of 30 weekly sessions spanning approximately seven months. In this            period of time, I grew both professionally and personally in many facets. In each session, which would last one hour          or a bit longer, Andre gave his undivided focus and attention to me, to my state of mind, to my level of disquiet or            calm. We spoke about what needed to be spoken about what was pressing on my mind and important pieces of              advice and wisdom Andre wished to impart. This wisdom emanates from Andre's vast life experience and his                    of observation of human nature and behavior. He is committed to his work and devotes himself tirelessly to the well-            being of his clients. He has no agenda other than to help eliminate the emotional blocks and obstacles one creates            as a means of coping when in fact these are ultimately hindrances. Over the time I worked with Andre, I became              more relaxed, more sure of myself as a professional and as a social creature. I became more stable and confident. I          am now more aware of my behavior tendencies, of those I need to curb and of those I must cultivate. Andre is all              about communication. His attention to his clients does not end between sessions. To the contrary, Andre                          communicated with me between sessions and expected me to update him on whatever was going on with me in my          life no matter the content. He believes in my professional talents and personal attributes and instilled this in the way           he interacted with me over our time working together. He is authentic in his concern for me, having continually                  pressed me to conquer my personal and professional hurdles and having shared his pride and joy when I made                clearly positive strides. I am grateful to have gleaned from this caring man so many sound pearls of wisdom and              reflection and have emerged a better man for it. 

       Carl S.