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C L I E N T S:         

Life Coach Andre, came in to our company and took the time to find out how we can enhance productivity without adding stress to our daily work. As the CEO of the company, he helped me to structure, motivate my teams and departments. He lowered my personal stress level tremendously and reformed my employees attitude. Thank you Andre. 

Peter K. 


I am amazed what big difference it made for my personal life as well as for my career after I started  working with Andre Cohen. He is a one-stop-shop with a clear,  no bullshit zone. For him, the truth has only one story. He will push you to help you to find your limits and true potentials.  He wanted me to succeed and do it well.  Andre boosted my confidence, my self-worth, self-esteem and self-care.  I highly recommend hiring Andre.

Rick T.G


Andre, took me by the hand and walked me through my doubts and issues that  I had in some relationships with my family. During the process we adjusted my personal billboard to who I really am. That gave me not only tons of confidence but attracted, all of a sudden, the right people in my life. With his focus always on my progress and being available for questions besides the set sessions we had, were helpful and I can’t describe in words. I have no more fear of life or not being accepted for who I am because I became who I am. Was it always easy? No! Did I use Kleenex? Yes! Was it worth it? Definitely!  There are many moments in my life now I ask myself, how would Andre do it? And I do it and it works. His impact on my life went far beyond our sessions and what I learned. It changed my life!

Steffi. K


I have worked with Andre over a period of 17 months on my new career and my personal development, which included my marriage. Andre is not only extremely knowledgeable, but fully dedicated to his clients, their progress and to achieve maximum results. He demands commitment, so no time is being wasted.  Andre made the whole process simple and understandable, which  helped me tremendously to improve and recognize which of my old habits had to go, which no longer served my life. From my attitude to my personal appearance, things have changed in an unexpected positive ways. If you are serious about improving yourself, your career and even your relationships finding purpose in your life again Andre is the man to go to.  This man is amazing.

Markus. S 


I was a startup when I met Andre. He guided me step by step, well structured and easy to understand. He has the patience and knowledge to optimize the process of growth. Andre made sure that the smallest detail was in place and the puzzle pieces match perfectly.  Without the aid of Andre all would have taken much longer and been more complicated. I look back today and all I like to say is: Thank you very much Andre for your dedication and wisdom and putting me back on the RIGHT track.

Aaron L. 


Working with Andre is like talking weekly to a best friend, knowing that he will work toward solutions of any issue popping up, and I had quite a few, I was not even aware of. Together, we took care of all of them. That improved my confidence and helped me to overcome some left-over and hidden pain from my past. From the start, Andre made me feel comfortable in our very personal conversations, and I had no problem fully opening-up to him. No matter how good you think you feel, Andre makes you feel much better.  I highly recommend Life Mentor Andre to anyone going thought some challenging times because Andre will be your ROCK.

Martha W.


Andre, being mentored by you was not only a pleasure, but a big eyeopener as well. You had a major impact on my new mindset and business decisions, taking complications out before they could become one. Sound knowledge, sharp intuition and understanding situations made you an important part of my transformation to a better-quality person and an optimized quality of life. I call you boldly a mastermind and recommend you highly to everyone who is not afraid to look deeper in themselves and their life. 

Jean P. C

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