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A B O U T:          Andre is a seasoned Mentor and Life Coach with over four decades of international experience under his belt. He was born, raised and educated in Europe, where he earned his degrees.  His passion for people and helping them to find their potentials and purpose made him an important source for personal improvement, relationship issues and career matters. Working in the entertainment industry as well gave him experience in group-dynamics in stressful situations and environments. Travelling and meeting spiritual authorities and learning the different approaches to spirituality gave him the knowledge to guide his clients in this area with competence as well. Andre discovered five years ago the lifestyle of “Simplimalism”, proving that less is more when applied the right way, to enhance the daily quality of life, focusing on success and priorities in every level of it. He worked as a lecturer at universities and colleges in Europe and the United States. His book “Simple Thoughts” is finished and waiting to be published. He describes his relationships with his clients as: “They come as strangers and leave as friends.” Andre lives currently in his adopted home of California.


 My sessions occur virtually by video or phone allowing my clients to integrate our sessions in their daily work schedules and life. When we set a time, please be aware of possible time differences.  


N O T E :                Discretion and confidentiality are always guaranteed.

                                           A brief consultation call for any questions you have, is on me!

                                           Let’s find out if we have good chemistry to work together!

                                          Please e-mail so I can tell you my availability.

                                          After we start, you can request my book” simple thoughts” for free as pdf.

S E R V I C E S:      Hourly session:                                              $ 180.00 (25 session program to start)  

                                                  90 minutes power sessions:                    $ 255.00 (10 session program to start)

                                                  Business mentoring on location:           $ 225.00 (per hour)

                                                  Group sessions and public speaking:  $ on request                   


                                                  Payments are always due no later than 24 hours before each session. 

P A Y M E N T S:         

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